SYT Technologies develops and manufactures innovative optronic vision systems thanks to its advanced technological expertise. More accurate vision in all weather and conditions is our objective High performance and reliability have enabled SYT to become a major French player in the optronics sector. Its terrestrial and maritime application systems meet the requirements and needs of the armed forces and police and secures sensitive sites from threats. Whatever your theater of operations, SYT supports you and meets all your needs for the success of your missions.



Equipped with the most high-tech equipment in optics, electronics, mechanics and software, SYT TECHNOLOGIES has the capacity to be at the heart of the various stage of your studies, from design to mass production. The technical team has a high degree of technological expertise in the optronics sector.

Our design office is involved in the dimensioning and modeling of customized systems.

• internal capacities: research, design, manufacture, prototype and series machining.

• Engineering: mechanics, electromechanics, electronics, optics, optronics and software.


SYT TECHNOLOGIES has its own manufacturing center and makes its own systems to boost their compactness, performance and ergonomics. We provide the most powerful equipment on the market today.

Fabrication de systèmes de vision longue portée SYT TECHNOLOGIES | The group

Machining division:

High speed machining center with vertical spindle:

  • 12 000 tr/min
  • direct drive
  • 4-axis
  • 1000x530x630
Fabrication de systèmes de vision longue portée SYT TECHNOLOGIES | The group

High Performance CNC Turning Center:

  • 3 400tr/min
  • A2-6 spindle
  • 400×660
  • axis C
Fabrication de systèmes de vision longue portée SYT TECHNOLOGIES | The group

Mechanical division:

  • Conventional center
  • Band saw
  • Conventional lathe
  • Sandblasting cabin
  • Assembly and installation
  • Measures and qualifications


A major asset of the company, our trained and qualified technicians are involved in the assembly of the systems ordered. From design to delivery, SYT TECHNOLOGIES oversees all of its processes.

For more details on the possible quantities of units, delivery times and other information, contact us.

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